PRINTMAKING introduction


1997 - REVISED 2006 & 2010

This site was first set up more than ten years ago and the 1997 version is still in existence, sitting on an unknown server somewhere, beyond my control, still listed by Google. In that time many things have changed. There is now a greater interest in digital printmaking and an even greater interest in "safe" printmaking methods.
Among the new sections is one on the artist's book. I first started working with students on projects relating to the book way back in about 1978 at Chelsea School of Art, but I must acknowledge the influence of Rigby Graham who taught me at Leicester even longer ago than that.
As far as safe methods are concerned Cedric Green's site on non-toxic printmaking should be of interest to anyone involved in etching wishing to use an alternative to acid ; I found this site invaluable.
We hope that in the near future the lithography section will be developed further and there are already plans for an additional page on screenprinting. There will be more information directed at giclée printing which concerns, inks, paper and printers. The section on artists' books is being developed as a separate site but we hope that it will be equally informative for those people who are interested in the creative aspect of printmaking as well as those who are interested in the historical background and the techniques involved in printing.
There is now information about presses, paper and inks throughout the site and, in the future a new section on "media" will be added. To find individual items please use the search box on the home page.
below: "Room"; digital print; Arvon Wellen 2002; paper size 76 x 56cm