1997 to 2010

"The Mini Print International of Cadaqués is a print competition open to all printmaking techniques and tendencies, in which artists from all over the world participate. Information about the show is sent out each year to artists, print workshops, schools, universities and specialized media all over the world."

"El Mini Print Internacional de Cadaqués es un concurso de grabado abierto a todas las tendencias y técnicas de estampación en el que participan artistas de todo el mundo. Se convoca cada año por medio de la divulgación de unas bases de participación dirigidas a artistas, talleres de grabado, escuelas, universidades y medios de comunicación especializados de todo el mundo."

PRINTMAKING mini print


30th Mini Print de Cadaqués 2010

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Miniprint de Cadaqués

My friends Mercedes (on the left) and Pep (in the centre) with Judy and Alessandra in 2001 at the Taller Galeria Fort, which is located in the tiny but very beautiful Spanish fishing village of Cadaqués. Situated at the very north of Cataluña, Cadaqués was the home of the artist Salvador Dalí for many years.

2005, was the twenty-fifth aniversary of the beginning of the mini print exhibition.

ARVON WELLEN "Fenland" 1988 colour etching
ARVON WELLEN: "Room" 1997 digital print
Arvon Wellen: "Alessandra" [2004] (18 x 18cm) digital print / mixed technique printed in two layers
ARVON WELLEN: Jazz Club (Cadaqués) 2008 (18 x 18cm) digital print
ARVON WELLEN: Yellow Dancer 2008, (18 x 18cm)mixed technique
ARVON WELLEN: Red Dancer 2008, (18 x 18cm) mixed technique
ARVON WELLEN: Wheel 2003, (18 x 18cm) mixed technique
This wheel was partly buried on a derelict site near the little Ermita de Sant Baldiri in Cadaqués.